We the KWC

    WHAT IS KWC. Americana KWC Radio Station is a Spanish radio station for basicly American music. Through our waves you can hear from old American Songbook, Country Roots, Fifties, Classic Rock & Roll to the latest modern Country, country Line Dance or Southern Rock. We are capable to make live programs in bars, pubs, discos, etc, or simply with our music, preheat atmosphere before a live concert. We can organize your country and western event or fest and display the best technical resources and solutions for concerts, or any type of event you can need.

    At Americana KWC Radio Station we have some live programs, but if your timetable isn´t as ours, we have at iVoox a box full of our recorded programs ready to be listened or downloaded by you at anytime. KWC, write to us and let us know your interests and we´ll send you exactly what you need.

     This is KWC, American music for people who wants old and modern American music today.

   WHO ARE KWC. Americana KWC Radio Station is formed by a friend´s group with a long time experienced in musical broadcasting and events and their only interest is to use communication as a relaxing and pleasuring time. These friends are wellknown as Esther (member of board, social networks dept.), Jose (member of board, guitar man and rocker from child, 10-46), El Profe (member of board, the king of opinion and musical expert, Country Cookin´), El Tapas (member of board, from fifties to punk or traditional German music is what you can find with him. He´s located at Hamburgo (Germany) Dit un Dat), Alberto F. member of board, Press. Emilio (member of board, collaborations with other radio stations), Javier Aldana (commercial dept.). Tinin & Iris Cattle (wellknwon as professional DJs for R&R and country music at Madrid´s night, Crazy Rodeo and Baila Mientras Puedas), Alberto from Cuenca is the most serious man in the station, Constelación and Miguel Angel Díaz, he´s one of the most awarded DJs in the USA and a really specialist in western swing and country roots music, When the Cowboy Sings. Our latest speaker is Pater from Madrid, Spain and  He really is a hard rider, Ruta 608 . From USA Dave Alexander, The World Western Swing and Randy Tex Western Swing Time.

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  1. Enhorabuena por esta magnífica página. Enhorabuena.
    Música de lujo, todo un sueño escucharla.

  2. Muchas gracias maliZiakiss. Es estupendo tener oyentes de tu talla y sobre todo recibir comentarios asi. Estos son los que nos animan a seguir dandole "al pedal". Saludos